Tracking Tiles to Find Lost Items

If you own a phone that you are always misplacing, one of the solutions to help you find it faster is to buy one of the many tracking tiles on the market nowadays.

What are tracking tiles, and how are they normally used? Read on to find out.

What are tracking tiles? — These are small devices that are placed on electronic devices you do not want to use. You will also have to download an app that you will need in order to be able to use them.

First, you must place the tracking tile on your mobile device. This can be a phone, a tablet or even a set of keys if you are always losing them. The tiles come with a special adhesive, so are very easy to affix to any device or item.

Once the tracking tile is fixed securely, you should then download the app that is recommended for that particular brand of tile. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, you can then find your device or other item no matter where it is simply by using the app to locate it.

How does a tracking tile work? — Tracking tiles find the items you lose in two different ways.

Either they cause your device to ring so that you can find it if you have left it at home, in a shop or cafe, or even dropped it somewhere in your car.

They also work with the use of the apps GPS system by showing you on a map where the item you have lost was last located. It is then up to you to travel to the place and find it.

How are they usually used? — Some people only use them for their mobile phones, and will often affix a new tracking tile to every mobile phone they buy as soon as they purchase it.

Other people also use them to find other items like keys, cameras, wallets and even suitcases and backpacks. Being able to find the latter is especially useful if your luggage is taken at an airport by mistake. If you activate your tracking tile quickly, you can often find it before it is removed from the airport by the person that took it.

Some parents also use a good quality tracking tile for their children’s toys. After all, children will often leave their toys outside, and then parents have to spend a lot of time looking for them. Attach a tracking device, however, and it suddenly becomes much easier.

You can even use it to locate something like a remote control, which is perfect if you are always losing the TV controls or you use a drone and are often losing its control system.

Where to buy tracking tiles? — You can buy good quality tracking tiles on the Internet from one of many different sellers. They sell in a variety of different price ranges, so there is a tracking tile for everyone.

Just make sure you read reviews before you purchase one, so that you are sure the one you are buying will actually work with your particular device.